Commercial & Residential Automation

Powered by C-Bus, our commercial installations provide a simple solution to lighting levels which can save you up to 25% on your yearly lighting cost. When lights are not needed at full power (stocking / repairs etc…) the out of hours lighting can be dropped or set to off. Combining these powerful new technologies with existing power on and off sensor systems can be the key to cutting energy costs and creating an energy efficient policy for your business.

We can build and tailor the automation panel, commission the system and if you include our new dial in monitor system have full 24hr support in the case of breakdown or failure (power or otherwise).

This system is modular and no project is too large or too small.

When it comes to your home or residential projects we can help you take control in almost every way from the lights and heating and air conditioning right through to garage doors, blinds, shutters and your media systems. Using CBUS and Schneider’s wiser home control there are no limits to your control options.

We can integrate control panels into your property and or use your smart phone to have ultimate control on the go as both iPhone and Android operating systems are supported.

Three good reasons to take control:

  • Improved security & control over security applications

  • Control lighting, T.V’s and music centres from anywhere when rooms are unused or turn them all off when leaving the property

  • Environmental benefits cutting energy usage and costs

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Why invest in energy efficient technologies?

Energy consumption has almost doubled in the last 20 years, at the current rate its set to double again. 

We at Symphony Automation are committed to bringing the latest concepts and technologies to the UK and to anyone who needs to bring their business in line with current government legislation. Do you have a desire be part of the shift to being energy efficient?

Why us?
We are sector leaders in lighting automation. We have long standing working relationships with existing facilites managment compaines, current trend and metering service providers and electrical/construction contractors.