Metering & Monitoring

We are now offering Schneider Electric’s award winning Simple Energy Management Solution (SEMS) metering and monitoring system. Water, Air, Gas and steam.



We also offer a full range of metering and monitoring solutions. We can facilitate the metering of any one of your facilities to full gas, electric and water management solutions. Whether you are a home owner or a large site user.

Our integrated solutions provide the tools to deliver fast and accurate information that will help you to manage the quantity, quality and cost of your energy. Instant benefits include: -

  • Exposing problems with your current systems, allowing you to pinpoint unknown energy wastage.

  • Focuses your attention on the area where the biggest potential savings can be made.

  • Identifies no-cost measures that can be implemented to save energy.

  • Will assist in setting up essential energy saving policies within your company or Organization.

  • Savings are limitless, but acting upon the simplest information you can save 5%-15%

Why us?  We have long standing working relationships with existing facilities management companies, current trend and metering service providers and electrical contractors.

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Why invest in energy efficient technologies?

Energy consumption has almost doubled in the last 20 years, at the current rate its set to double again. 

We at Symphony Automation are committed to bringing the latest concepts and technologies to the UK and to anyone who needs to bring their business in line with current government legislation. Do you have a desire be part of the shift to being energy efficient?

Why Us? We are sector leaders in lighting automation. We have long standing working relationships with existing facilites managment compaines, current trend and metering service providers and electrical/construction contractors.