Simple Energy Management Solution (SEMS)

Onsite energy management system


We are happy to inform our customers we are now able to install Schneider electrics SEMS system. This award winning metering & monitoring solution simplifies the notoriously complex task of energy management and once installed hands complete control to the client.

This new and innovate approach to analysing energy consumption can meter WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity and steam). And its simple and effective user interface means no specialist training is required and all the data is available in clear and simple terms ensuring it can be applied to your companies objectives and green policies.

Usage graph. Visual display of your energy usage data including CO2 emissions Real-time environmental impact.

Web widgets. Quickly and easily view selected reports by converting them to Web widgets that can be viewed from your iGoogle page.

Monitoring. View your CO2 emissions and assess your progress toward better energy performance in terms of number of trees saved.

The data can also be compared to show trends and identify further energy saving possibilities and can be tailored to suit most business and organizations creating the most flexible system on the market.

The system is available in two formats depending on requirements.

1. On site energy solution. This option is a customer controlled system. Once the system is installed the client has full control over their system with a interface that can be accessed through any computer connected to the Internet.

2. Full services SEMS. The second option is fully hosted by Schneider electric this is where energy usage data is collected on site and sent to a remote energy monitoring bureau where it is thoroughly analysed in line with the user requirements and turned into user-friendly, actionable information. This is particularly beneficial for customers who do not have the in house resource or expertise for data analysis and require extra support.

Is it time for you take control?  If so give us a call to arrange a full free consultation to assess your requirements

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